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Sprint Management Holiday Party
Comics Live Comedy Club Southside features The Joseph Roberts Comedy Hypnosis Show
Hypnotist Joseph Roberts preforms at FlixBrewhouse company party.
Comedy Hypnotist Joseph Roberts performs show for Texas State University Men's Baseball Team
DMA hires Hypnotist Joseph Roberts for holiday party.
Hypnotist Joseph Roberts at St Mary's University
Hypnotist Joseph Roberts entertains for Century Rehab in Houston
Comedy Hypnotist Joseph Roberts has performed for Embark
Comedy Hypnotist Joseph Roberts at Upstage Comedy Club
Upcoming Shows with Comedy Hypnotist Joseph Roberts

September 11, 2021 / Lorem ipsum / Palace Thearer

April 28, 2024 / Council Bluffs, IA / Private Event - Council Bluffs, IA
May 3, 2024 / Owasso, OK / Private Event - Owasso, OK
May 9, 2024 / San Antonio, TX / Upstage Comedy Lounge
May 19, 2024 / Beaumont, TX / Private Event - Beaumont
May 25, 2024 / Cedar Park, TX / Private Event - Cedar Park
May 26, 2024 / Victoria, TX / Private Event - Victoria
May 30, 2024 / Clear Lake, TX / Private Event - Clear Lake, TX
May 31, 2024 / Rockport, TX / Rockport Little Theater
June 1, 2024 / San Antonio, TX / Private Event - San Antonio
June 22, 2024 / Bastrop, TX / Bastrop Comedy Club - Film Alley
May 23, 2025 / Luling, TX / Private Event - Luling

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Joseph Roberts

Step into the world of comedy hypnosis with Joseph Roberts, the nationally touring Comedy Hypnotist sensation who will leave you in stitches! Join his legion of fans as he travels across the country, captivating audiences with his unique blend of humor and mind-bending hypnosis.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and amazement! Join him on a hilarious journey as he invites volunteers from the audience to get hypnotized on stage right before your eyes then amazes you with what happens next when he gives them suggestions to do the most outrageously funny things you can possibly imagine. Follow along as he takes you on a mind-bending journey filled with laughter and astonishment. Join the fun and witness the power of hypnosis like never before! You will laugh till it hurts with this non-stop roller-coaster ride that will have you and your friends coming back over and over again to try it for yourself. 

Comedy Hypnotist Joseph Roberts

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The Joseph Roberts Comedy Hypnosis Show

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